Hotel Artist is located in the center of Subotica. It is tucked away in a quiet street, under the crowns of decades – old nettletrees. The hotel consists of an old restored building and a completely new part that resembles to the spirit of the modern era. The old restored part of our hotel was designed by famous architect, art collector and artist Raichle Ferenc, who was born in 1869 in Apatin. He lived and worked in Subotica, Szeged and Budapest. He also designed the Raichle Palace, one of the most luxurious works of Art Nouveau architecture. In the buildings he designed, which includes Artist Hotel, you can recognize the influence of Art Nouveau, in the spirit of which the most famous buildings of Subotica from the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century were built. Hotel Artist itself has plans at their disposal by Raichel Ferenc made for the building of the hotel in 1899. The building has been completely restored so that it becomes another jewel of Art Nouveau in the city of Subotica.








We put the biggest effort into making the stay in our hotel as pleasant and elegant as possible for all of our guests. Through the architecture of the building, which exudes the spirit of the city’s rich history merging with the aesthetics of the modern era, indulge yourself in a pleasant ambience that exudes the sophistication of timeless artistic trends.


Stay with your loved one at Artist Hotel!

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The hotel has 30 rooms in total and that is the reason why the atmosphere in our hotel is more intimate that in bigger hotels. The wine bar is located in the restored wine cellar that is over 130 years old which offers the ultimate experience of wine tasting one of the most famous wines. You can also relax in our wellness area which includes the Sauna, Turkish bath and a relaxation area.

The parking lot is located close to the hotel and it has 10 parking spaces.
Reservation is required in advance, parking is charged additionally.





The architecture and interior of Hotel Artist are completely unique, ensuring a modern and functional arrangement of the building itself. Hotel interior is elegant and modern, blended into the palette of artistic trends that reflect the authentic history of the building and the city itself.
The hotel exudes a sophisticated aesthetic that combines many artistic styles. The guest rooms are equipped with high – quality furniture that casually fits into the aesthetic framework. What makes the hotel additionally unique is the artistic play of the interior in each room, restaurant and other hotel units, which are individually marked by a certain theme.
Entering the Artist Hotel, you enter a treasury of works of art all with different artistic styles, where every corner will tell you its own story.

Welcome to Artist Hotel.