Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner for two people in the newly opened hotel Artist

Visit and wine tasting at the winery Zvonko Bogdan.

Weekend in Subotica with a visit to winery Zvonko Bogdan

Step into the city of Secession, wine, and relaxed atmosphere! Subotica is known for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly hosts, good food and quality wines because this city represents one of the nine wine roads of Serbia. It offers a vibrant cultural life throughout the year as well as numerous activities around Lake Palić, on stud farms, farms, forests and hunting grounds.

Explore the magnificent architecture that this city offers with pride. There are about 100 buildings at your disposal, including the magnificent City Hall, the Synagogue the second largest in Europe, the Palace of subotica commercial bank and others. These facilities are located in the city center and just a few minutes walk from our Hotel Artist.

But it doesn’t end there… Not far from the unique Lake Palić, in the middle of the green sea of vineyards, stands out the colorful roof of the building made in the style of Pannonian Secession. Zvonko Bogdan winery is located near Subotica, only a five-minute drive from the highway Belgrade -Budapest.

This building that exudes a unique architecture and timeless amphibian makes the weekend in Subotica unforgettable. The winery has a magnificent barrique cellar with unique tasting halls, a large restaurant full of details that testifies to the cultural richness of Subotica and Palić, and there is a unique view of the vast and perfectly landscaped vineyards.

Price 15900 RSD